• Mary Greenwell warns blondes off black mascara (and liner): ‘They create Barbie-doll type lashes. Use brown, especially for day.’
  • Barbara Daly, our make-up artist friend, advises: ‘To apply mascara to your upper lashes, keep your head straight but hold the mirror at chin level. This means you’ll be looking down into the mirror, so that when you start to sweep the brush from root to tip, you’ll be able to see the whole length of the lashes. It also prevents the smudging that can happen if you open your eyes while the mascara is wet.’
  • If mascara’s too runny, don’t waste money by throwing it out. Mary Greenwell advises leaving it open overnight, to dry out a bit.
  • If mascara smuts often end up on your cheeks, try applying it to top lashes only, and use a soft brown/charcoal/grey pencil underneath your eyes to accentuate, instead.
  • You can buy some brilliant Q-Tip-style accessories these days which are impregnated with make-up remover and can be carried around in a make-up bag to repair your eyes, during the day.  Alternatively, apply a light-reflecting concealer (the brush type), and blend:  you’ll clean up the under-eye area but it won’t look like you’ve removed your foundation with it.