lip-smackingly good Tips

  • If chapped lips are a problem, apply Vaseline and then buff with a baby’s toothbrush to get rid of dry skin.
  • How can you achieve lip colour that goes the distance?  Bobbi Brown says it’s all in the preparation: ‘Apply a good lip balm and let it absorb thoroughly before applying lipstick – if your lips are dry or coated with waxy lip balm, your lipstick won’t perform well. Build up a depth of colour by applying lipstick, then blotting it with a tissue to leave a stain on your lips. Repeating these steps before applying a final coat should give you a deeper, longer-lasting result.’
  • Women with tiny lines round the mouth will find lipliner particularly helpful, because it helps stop lipstick from bleeding.
  • ‘Lipliner gives the mouth definition and helps lipstick stay on longer,’ says Mary Greenwell. ‘You can correct lips and make them bigger with a lip pencil. You don’t need a different colour for each lipstick; just use a basic neutral colour which almost matches your natural lip colour.’ On black women’s lips, Mary sometimes uses a brown eye pencil as lip liner.
  • Here’s another technique to help lipstick stay put: ‘Smooth foundation over the edges of your lips, especially if you intend to accentuate the fullness of your lips with your lip liner. Then use whatever translucent powder you ordinarily use to set your foundation; take a small brush and apply a little of the powder to your lips to set the line. This stops bleeding and feathering.’
  • Make-up artist Jeanine Lobell, original creator of Stila make-up, creates a bee-sting pout by applying a rosy-brown lipstick, then dabbing a bit of concealer in the middle of the bottom lip. ‘It lights the lipstick one shade in the centre, and makes lips look bigger.’
  • Scared of dark lip shades? Look for transparents, sheers or stains, recommends Mary Greenwell: ‘The sheer formula allows darker colours to be worn by women who usually feel they are too strong, and it also makes for quick and easy application.’
  • Remember:  dark colours make lips look smaller; a light colour will expand the mouth.
  • Frosted lipsticks – which drift in and out of fashion – only look great on very young lips. On anyone over 25, they can be instantly ageing, because they highlight lip wrinkles.
  • This is every model’s technique to avoid the embarrassment of lipstick on her teeth: once lipstick has been applied, stick your index finger in your mouth, close your lips around it and pull your finger out. Any lipstick which was inside your lips will now have been transferred to your finger.
  • Any kind of oil will dissolve even long-lasting lipstick on contact. So a well-dressed salad is likely to remove all lip colour – and probably some foundation, too.

TIPApply your long-lasting lipstick with a lipbrush and blot, then repeat. Then put on any favourite clear or coloured lipgloss or a sheer, slightly shiny lipstick as a ‘top coat’. The long-lasting lipstick will give you a basic colour, and you will just have to touch up the top coat.