Here are five remedies for make-up goofs which ensure you wont have to cleanse and start over
Lipstick overdoseYou hoped that red lipstick would make you look like a movie star. It does: Jack Nicholson as The Joker. Blot gently with tissues until they come away clean. If there’s still a stain, apply moisturiser to your lips, leave it for a couple of minutes and blot again. Then apply a more neutral shade.

Foundation tide marksYou put your foundation on in the gloaming and the cold light of day it looks unalluringly two-tone along the hair line or jaw. Blend with a clean, dry make-up sponge until the line disappears. If it wont shift, try blending with translucent powder, dusted onto a soft puff.

Too much blushInstead of a fetching flush, you look like you’ve just run up Everest. Clown cheeks also call for a clean, dry make-up sponge – just rub gently over your brush strokes to take the colour out. You can soften colour even further with translucent powder, and redo with a new, subtler blush shade.

Smudged mascaraHappens all too easily, especially if you sneeze mid-application. If you’re wearing waterproof mascara dip a cotton bud in eye make-up remover and dab gently at it. If its non-waterproof, just dampen the Q-tip gently with water, instead. You can use the other, clean end to reapply foundation and/or concealer.

The Groucho Marx brow Strengthening the browline is a vital part of face-shaping – but you can over do it. To remove access pencil or powder, all it may take is a few strokes with a clean eyebrow brush. Failing that, wipe with a cotton bud.