Most beauty products are designed with one use in mind, but some canny make-up artists and customers have discovered that a cosmetic – or sometimes a store-cupboard basic – can perform two, or even three tasks. Here are some of the cleverest we’ve found.

Double Duty Cosmetics


works as…


Eyeshadow pencil

Creamy-coloured eyeshadow

Eye make-up base

Rosy lipstick or gloss

Bronzing powder

Facial sprays

Eye cream

Clay face masks

Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream

Sloughing/exfoliating cream

Bottles of nearly finished scent

Intensive moisturisers


brow liner

under-eye concealer (dot skin-matching foundation on top)

blemish concealer

blusher (particularly good in summer when powder blusher often looks too heavy)


pre-styling hair dampner

lip moisturiser

hand/foot masks

lip gloss

shaving cream

fragranced bath oil, when filled with baby oil

cuticle softeners for hands/feet



works as...





make-up remover, lip gloss, hair glosser (just use a touch – smooth a tiny spot on one palm, then stroke lightly over finished hairstyle)

Baby lotion

Baby oil



make-up remover, face and body moisturiser

eye make-up remover, bath oil

brow liner, lipliner (choose soft, auburny- brown pencils)

Apple cider vinegar



bath softener, hair shiner in final rinse

skin beautifier (put a slice in hot water and drink), elbow restorer (rub halves around elbows to brighten skin), hair rinse for blondes (put juice in final rinse)

Olive oil


with sea salt as an exfoliant (use 1 tbs olive oil to 1 tsp salt), without salt on hair as a D-I-Y mask (massage generously into dry hair, wrap with cling-film and leave as long as possible), as a skin and health enhancer (take 1 tbs daily, either in salads or neat, to ease constipation and for general health)